Bypass Volkwagen Touareg V8 310hp (2002-2008)


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Improve the sound of your Volkswagen Touareg in an easy and economical way. The installation is done without disassembling anything in just 5 minutes. This is a smart solution to internally avoid the outer chambers of the rear silencer in Touareg 4,2 V8 310cv (2002-2008)

The bypass is made of a tube that fits exactly into the silencer. With its special design it can be easily inserted (and eliminated if necessary) - minimum effort for maximum sound. No additional changes are required, engine management and exhaust control remain the same as the originals, albeit with a noticeable change in V8 sound. The drain on the left side of the silencer remains functional. The bypass tube is flexible enough to compensate for slightly misaligned tube segments in the muffler. The shape of the end acts self-centering during the installation and in the final position the bypass is sufficiently fixed to avoid noise or vibrations.

*Installation manual incluided

*It be necessary to cut a small drain on the right side for proper installation.